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At this time, Shallowbrook Equestrian Center is running a waiting list for regular lessons. We are sorry for any inconvenience. If you are interested in being added to our waiting list and pursuing a lesson slot please send any inquiries through e-mail!
Due to the recent spike in Covid cases - we are recommending that masks/gaiters be worn in the Lounge / Office and during busy hours or when you are unable to properly social distance yourself.
We will continue to monitor CDC and the State Of CT recommendations and requirements. Thank you for your cooperation!
Also - if you are sick or have been exposed - please stay home!
Please send all inquiries to:

At Shallowbrook Equestrian Center, we strive to provide a safe and healthy environment that nurtures the psychological and physical relationships between horses and clients. Shallowbrook Equestrian Center is a full service boarding facility, and we are proud to provide the finest in horse care according to the specific needs of each horse. Board includes daily turnout in private grass paddocks. Our trainers provide dressage, jumping, western and general horsemanship lessons as well as horse training and instruction.

We feel that building our students confidence and understanding helps them achieve much success in the equestrian world, all in a positive and fun atmosphere! Communication is a huge part of our training philosophy and allows each person, no matter what their skill level is, to understand how the horse thinks and how to better communicate with their equine partner through simple horsemanship tools and techniques.

Most importantly, we provide fun! Whether is be hacking with your friends in the field, supporting each other at horse shows, or learning a new riding skill, we always want you leaving with a smile on your face!

Shallowbrook is the home of several rated and schooling horse shows. 

Shallowbrook is conveniently located 10 minutes from highway 91, 25 minutes from Bradley International Airport, and 45 minutes from Tufts Veterinary Hospital.

The highest compliment our clients can pay us is the referral of a friend. Please let us know if you were referred by a current client.

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IEA Team

Looking to join an IEA Team? Shallowbrook is accepting new riders!


Come board at Shallowbrook Equestrian Center! Learn all about our amenities.

Horse Shows

Shallowbrook hosts many rated and schooling horse shows throughout the season.


At Shallowbrook Equestrian Center we offer all levels and disciplines of riding lessons, beginner to advanced.

Summer Horsemanship

Shallowbrook Equestrian Center offers summer horsemanship camp for all levels of riders.

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