“The Sport of Kings”

Combines the speed of thoroughbred horse racing, the intensity of hockey, and the contact of football!!!

  • Shallowbrook has one of the most successful year round polo school in the world. We have two indoor arenas, one of which is the largest arena around. In addition we also have an outdoor tournament polo field and plans to construct a stick and ball field. Shallowbrook regularly holds both arena and outdoor games and tournaments throughout the year, with players travelling from throughout the northeast to play. Games are held at 7:30pm on Friday nights and 2pm on Sundays, with spectators always welcome and free admission.

Shallowbrook has one of the best interscholastic polo programs in the nation, with their women’s team a regular at the national championships in recent years. Shallowbrook also holds an impressive six interscholastic national championship titles. In addition to Shallowbrook’s Women’s team Shallowbrook also has a men’s team with its roster and fame growing fast. Most members of the high school teams first learned to play polo at Shallowbrook, though some travel great distances to be a part of the team. Interscholastic games are held at Shallowbrook as well as away. See the schedule for game dates and times.

Helpful Links

U.S. Polo Association

International Women’s Polo Association (IWPA)

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