Lesson Horses

Cavallo - Stanley

Cavallo - Stanley IMG_1454.jpg

CAVALLO aka “Stanley” is a 22 year old Royal Dutch Warmblood owned by Linda Grasso of Boston Massachusetts. He is a gentle giant, old campaigner and safe mount for all levels of riders. Stanley’s has competed at some of the country’s most prestigious horse shows such as Pennsylvania national horse show, the winter equestrian festival in Wellington Florida, Capitol challenge, Ariat finals, and Maclay finals to name a few.

Chocolate Star Wimpy - "Dallas"

Chocolate Star Wimpy -  "Dallas" dallas.jpg

Dallas is a Quarter horse gelding.  This handsome guy is a pro at the pleasure tests and has super smooth gaits!  He is suitable for intermediate through advanced level riders.


Corduroy  cordy.jpg

Corduroy is a Morgan/quarter horse gelding. He has a super sweet personality and is a lot of fun to ride! He is more forward and suitable for intermediate to advanced level riders.

Stella By Starlight - "Stella"

Stella By Starlight -  "Stella" Stella.jpg

Stella is a paint pony mare.  She is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders; she is great to fences and has a butter soft auto lead-change!


Luther luther.jpg

Luther is a paint gelding who is the ultimate school master. He is a confidence builder and his easy going personality makes him a barn favorite!

Magic Carpet Ride - "Aladdin"

Magic Carpet Ride -  "Aladdin" Aladdin.jpg

Aladdin is a Welsh Pony gelding.  This extremely cute boy loves to please his rider; he is suitable for intermediate riders and is a lot of fun to jump!

Peppermint Patty - "Patty"

Peppermint Patty - "Patty" patty.jpg

Patty is a Quarter horse/Arabian cross mare.  This super sweet girl is kind and patient; she is the perfect mount for young beginner riders and students with special needs.

Riding Miss Daisy - "Daisy"

Riding Miss Daisy - "Daisy" daisy.jpg

Daisy is an Appaloosa cross mare.  She has a super sweet personality and is a blast to ride!  She is great for walk trotters and is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders for WTC and fences.

Snow White

Snow White snow.jpg

Snow White, or "Snowy" as we like to call her is a Percheron mare.  She is extremely sweet on the ground and is a super steady walk trot mount! She absolutely loves to be groomed.

Sunset Bay - “Sunset”

Sunset Bay - “Sunset” 56363562_344741216173984_4844765166207762432_n.jpg

Sunset is a chincoteague pony who was dubbed the King Neptune colt in 2009 when he was the first foal to finish the swim across the channel. He is an adorable little guy and has nice smooth gaits!

Sweet N' Salty - "Brandy"

Sweet N' Salty -  "Brandy" brandy.jpg

Brandy is a paint mare.  This lovely lady is a great confidence builder; she is suitable for walk trot up through jumping a course of fences!

Theodorable - "Theo"

Theodorable - "Theo" FullSizeRender.jpg

Theo is a small palomino pony. He is quiet and reliable for our smaller riders. Theo takes some leg power to get moving, however he is suitable for leadline up through jumping a course of fences! He’s the smallest member of the Shallowbrook lesson fleet.

Tonka Truck - "Tonka"

Tonka Truck - "Tonka" tonka.jpg

Tonka is a Quarter Horse gelding. He has super comfortable gaits and is light to the aids. This sweet boy is a really fun ride for intermediate and advanced level riders.


Truly Truly.jpg

Truly is a small Welsh Pony mare.  This cutie is every little girl's dream pony! She loves to horse show and is the perfect leadline and walk trot pony.

Vermillion - "Teddy"

Vermillion - "Teddy" teddy.jpg

Teddy is a paint horse gelding. He is a barn wide favorite with his responsiveness & smooth gaits. Teddy takes great care of our beginner riders but his real flair is for jumping! Teddy is a brave jumper and he is a lot of fun for more advanced riders !