School at Shallowbrook

lucy-manosShallowbrook is primarily a place of pleasant learning. Every activity is geared toward learning to be a show or a sport equestrian with ever expanding confidence and skills.

Teaching takes place year round at Shallowbrook due to the presence of three outdoor training rings used during favorable weather and the additional convenience of 2 indoor rings used during winter and inclement weather all of the remainder of the year.

Instruction includes private, semi-private, group, and team sessions. Staffed with many qualified instructors, the Shallowbrook School has some thirty school horses trained to accommodate riders of every level.

Training over 250 students of all ages during fifty hours of group and private classes each week, Shallowbrook students are each given highly individual attention.

Youngsters from every walk of life are found in the classes designed to train the pre-teen rider. Pre-schoolers are trained under a system that builds self-confidence and riding skills. Day classes allow parents to accompany the children.

Elementary school age children are trained by teachers with long years of patient understanding of the new, and quite often, very small riders.

Teen age and young adult riders are trained by staff members in classes often scheduled to allow time for work and studies in addition to a strong riding program.

Adult students may find various classes scheduled during varying time periods to accommodate the professional woman, businessman and housewife as well.

Summer Camps are part of the family of students as Shallowbrook accepts a limited number of campers who learn applied horsemanship.

The training and schooling of the horse is an important facet of Shallowbrook’s proud tradition, bringing forth the truest worth of every mount.

Group and individual polo classes and the schooling of green ponies is an important element in Shallowbrook’s educational tradition. The horses of the Shallowbrook collection are trained to lend a higher quality of education by the temperment and response they offer their student riders.

Students at Shallowbrook have ample opportunity to grow and develop into competitive riders through the many in-school shows offered the Shallowbrook students throughout the year.

The very best of Shallowbrook’s students are invited to join Junior and Senior Jump Teams which perform in exhibitions, clinics and compete as a group in some competitions.

The aim of every faculty member at Shallowbrook is to bring the rider to the point of confidence which allows a choice of learning the skills of jumping to be an easy one for the eager student.

Dressage and Combined Training have been an integral part of the history of Shallowbrook. Dressage is the greatest of the equestrian communication arts. Combined Training is the epitome of equestrian training and rider discipline, a Tri-cathelon for equestrians.

We have been an established riding school since 1962 and are proud to be recognized by the American Horse Shows Association, Inc. Our school is dedicated to developing top-notch riders and instructors. Our program guides many people in their search for fulfillment in the world of horses, shows them the many opportunities and avenues they may follow in this vocation.

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