KG Equestrian

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Kate Gargan - KG Equestrian 


Kate Gargan has been a part of Shallowbrook since 2019. In recent years, she has built a very successful show team and in 2023 created her own brand, KG Equestrian. She has been riding since age 7, and got her first pony at age 11. As a teen she rode with Fran Cross at King Oak Farm and helped to bring along many sale horses while competing at up to prelim level eventing.

Kate has owned and trained many different horses, one of which being her personal horse; Ostara, a beautiful Dutch Warmblood mare.

 As a young adult Kate owned and ran her own horse farm in Orlando, Florida. Kate was also an instructor at King Oak and the Westfield State Equestrian team coach. 

Kate has three beautiful girls that love horses just like her. She focuses on strong basics for both horse and rider as well as the importance of learning that each horse is an individual. Kate emphasizes what works to make a pair a successful team. She is a very diverse trainer who can cater to multiple level riders, horses, and disciplines.