Shallowbrook Dressage & Combined Training Test Series

Shallowbrook Dressage & Combined Training Test Series

Shallowbrook Dressage & Combined Training Test Series
June 3rd, August 19th & October 21st

$35 per test for Intro, Training, and First Level (including USEA tests)
$45 per test for 2nd Level through FEI 
1. USDF Introductory Test A – Small arena 
2. USDF Introductory Test B – Small arena 
3. USDF Introductory Test C – Small arena 
4. USEF Training Test 1 – Standard arena 
5. USEF Training Test 2 – Standard arena 
6. USEF Training Test 3 – Standard arena 
7. USEF First Level Test 1 – Standard arena
8. USEF First Level Test 2 – Standard arena
9. USEF First Level Test 3 – Standard arena
10. Any 2nd Level Test(s) – Standard arena
11. Any 3rd Level Test(s) – Standard arena
12. Any 4th Level Test(s) – Standard arena
13. Any Western Dressage Test (s) - Standard Arena
14. Any FEI Dressage Test(s) – Standard arena
15. Any 2018 US Eventing Test(s) – As per test

JUMPING CLASSES ($25 Per Round) 
16. Jumping 18”
17. Jumping 2’3”
18. Jumping 2’7
19. Jumping 2’11”
20. Jumping 3’3”
21. Jumping 3’7”

COMBINED TESTS ($60 a test)
22. Tadpole Beg. Novice Test A; Jump 18”
23. Beg. Novice Beg. Novice Test A; Jump 2’7”
24. Novice Novice Test A; Jumping 2’11”
25. Training Training Test A; Jumping 3’3” 
26. Preliminary Prelim Test A; Jumping 3’7” 

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Ride Times will be e-mailed, posted in this event and put on the website.


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