Why Shallowbrook?

Here are a few comments straight from our riders mouths…

“I enjoy riding at Shallowbrook for several reasons.  Variety of school horses for all levels, the facilities (2 indoor rings), horse shows, lots of fun events and most of all the friendly atmosphere for both show and casual riders.”

“I have been in horses for 27 years, I really like Shallowbrook for the professionalism they maintain while still being friendly and family oriented…Keep up the good work Shallowbrook.”

“The best place I have ever ridden!  I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good place to ride or board their horse.”

“My son adores both her and Shallowbrook”

“You are very welcoming”

“Shallowbrook was highly recommended”

“Very happy with our experience at Shallowbrook”

“It feels like home. If the weather was better-it would really feel like home.”

“There are kids my age and wide selection of horses”

“Year round riding, good trainers (especially for relocated adult who had not ridden in many years)”

“Safety, reputation”

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