Our Team

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There is no success without sacrifice, determination and support - lots and lots of support. 

Shallowbrook Equestrian Center is just that, a working farm. There are fences to mend, horses to feed and stalls to clean. And then there are lessons and training rides, camps, the tack, the laundry, the vet and farrier appointments to schedule, the shows to enter, the staff to manage - it goes on and on, 24/7, 365 days a year. Without our team, none of this would be possible. 

Heather Hollay-Farr - Director of Operations

Heather Hollay-Farr is the owner and founder of HOPE. She is an avid horsewoman and amateur show-jumper. Heather spent over a decade as a horse trainer and also worked with her family importing Irish sport horses, built and grew an equestrian facility in Ellington CT, and groomed for some of the top show jumpers in the world! She is also trained as a veterinarians assistant.

While caring for these top horses, and developing her own, she recognized the need to provide comprehensive care. It needed to blend fitness and conditioning with sports medicine, therapies, great horse shoeing and top nutrition to keep horses healthy and sound. All of this could help to avoid injury, but also help horses rehabilitate from injury when and if it occurs.

That is why Heather founded HOPE in 2018.  

Her husband Chris Farr is an accomplished farrier. They love working on cases together to help horses get comfortable and perform better.

Today with the invention of indoor arenas, all weather footing, and the ability to travel to shows in more favorable climates, many horses and ponies can compete year-round. This makes keeping them conditioned and healthy over the long term a challenge. If an animal does sustain an injury, it's very important to rehabilitate them in a safe, controlled environment until they can resume their normal work. 

Paige Keegan - Barn Manager / IEA Coach / Trainer

Paige  has been riding horses since the age of 5, and has been showing since the age of 8. Her background with horses is mainly in the hunter/jumper arena. She has over 10 years of professional horse experience. She has ridden a variety of different breeds from thoroughbreds to Clydesdales, and has worked with horses of all ages.  Paige has shown at Saugerties HITS and has compete in chsa/chja series and finals.  Paige has extensive knowledge in horse care and is happiest making sure every horse is given the care and attention they need.

Jordan Llodra- Riding Programs Director/Trainer/Instructor

Jordan has been a part of the Shallowbrook team since 2014.  Her love of horses began about as soon as she could walk while living in Del Rio, Texas where her parents would bring her to the stables to visit and feed the horses.  Upon moving up North and after some serious begging, she began riding when she turned 7 at a local hunter barn.  In middle school, Jordan transitioned to riding Arabians and Saddlebreds; exploring the disciplines of saddleseat, huntseat and recreational trail riding.  This is where she met her first true equine love; Penny, a chestnut American Saddlebred mare.

In college, Jordan attended Worcester State University where she began riding as a part of the school’s equestrian club.  While riding with the club, she grew her love for jumping and the hunter and equitation disciplines.   In 2011 as a sophomore, Jordan was elected President of the equestrian club.  She wanted more for the club and wanted Worcester State to be able to offer more opportunities for equestrians in the area so she set out to transform the club into an IHSA recognized team.  The whole process took the better part of a year; first needing to gain approval from student representatives, the student activities board, the school, and then finally seeking approval from IHSA to join. The team was accepted and began competing in Zone 1 Region 4 for the 2012-2013 season. Jordan captained and ran the Worcester State Equestrian Team from 2011-2013; getting to compete on the team herself for their first official year as a recognized IHSA Equestrian Team. 

While she attended school, Jordan rode at Shallowbrook; taking lessons and riding in horse shows while on her winter and summer breaks.  She became a riding instructor during the last semester of her senior year.  Jordan had always enjoyed working with horses and she quickly fell in love with teaching riding.  As a member of the Shallowbrook team, Jordan directs the lesson program, summer camps, vacation clinics, birthday parties and other events.  She enjoys teaching a variety of students ages 3-65; beginners up through jumping 2’6.  She specializes in teaching beginner riders and coaching equitation.  Jordan takes pride in all of her students and loves to share her joy and passion for horses and riding.  Jordan trained her own mare, Sweet Tea or “Ella”, who can occasionally be found helping with lessons and summer camp as well!

Emily Nobrega - Riding Instructor

Emily started riding at the age of seven at a farm close to home in the northern part of Massachusetts's Middlesex County. After several years of lessons, Emily acquired Charlie, a young Quarter Horse gelding. She grew up training, and competing with him at open shows in both english and western events. 

Emily graduated from Umass Amherst in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Equine Science and Child Psychology.  While living in Amherst, she spent several years playing on the Umass Polo team.

After college Emily obtained her MA riding instructor's license, and spent several years working as a large animal veterinary technician at McGee Equine Clinic in Townsend, MA.


Jamie Savoie - Director of Marketing & Horse Shows

Jamie Cinq-Mars, now Savoie has been in the horse world since she was seven years old. (Now 33) She has successfully completed, trained and ridden all over New England and the Mid Atlantic. She started her riding career off as a Hunter/Jumper rider. She successfully has local, regional and year end wins in the Connecticut Horse Show Association, Connecticut Hunter Jumper Association, New England Horseman’s Councils and the United Stated Equestrian Federation. Jamie has several Medal Finals Ribbons from when she was a teenager. She moved on from the Hunter/Jumper world and has been competing, training, breeding & showing on the Friesian and Part Bred Friesian Circuit in Hunt Seat Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Carriage Pleasure Driving, Dressage Suitability, Show Hack, In Hand, Western & Trail.  She has many Regional, National and World Titles within this breed. She also has several yearend awards within this breed in the United Stated Equestrian Federation, International Friesian Horse Association and the American Driving Society. Jamie also holds memberships in all of the above associations. Jamie has had several horses in her riding career that she has trained from the beginning as well as seasoned horses that have given her the opportunities and hours in the saddle.

Jamie also has been attending horse shows, managing horses shows, marketing horse shows & events, photographing and judging horse shows for many years.