Heather Hollay-Farr - Director of Operations

Heather Hollay-Farr is the owner and founder of HOPE. She is an avid horsewoman and amateur show-jumper. Heather spent over a decade as a horse trainer and also worked with her family importing Irish sport horses, built and grew an equestrian facility in Ellington CT, and groomed for some of the top show jumpers in the world! She is also trained as a veterinarians assistant.

While caring for these top horses, and developing her own, she recognized the need to provide comprehensive care. It needed to blend fitness and conditioning with sports medicine, therapies, great horse shoeing and top nutrition to keep horses healthy and sound. All of this could help to avoid injury, but also help horses rehabilitate from injury when and if it occurs.

That is why Heather founded HOPE in 2018.  

Her husband Chris Farr is an accomplished farrier. They love working on cases together to help horses get comfortable and perform better.

Today with the invention of indoor arenas, all weather footing, and the ability to travel to shows in more favorable climates, many horses and ponies can compete year-round. This makes keeping them conditioned and healthy over the long term a challenge. If an animal does sustain an injury, it's very important to rehabilitate them in a safe, controlled environment until they can resume their normal work.