Mrs. Frankie Vita

One might say if Hal Vita is the strength and driving force of the world famous Shallowbrook Equestrian and Polo Center, then Hal’s wife, Frankie Vita is the enduring spirit, the symbol of the indomitable will, the loyalty to a dream that has made Shallowbrook what it has become.

Even while raising a family of five intelligent, highly skilled competitive riders, maintaining a strong family tradition, and carrying out administrative chores, this phenomenal woman has succeeded in becoming one of the most skilled instructors in the country.

Mrs. Vita’s special interest is the Instructors’ Course, a formal system of training those people who train others the science and skills of training the young riders of tomorrow. Her vitality in this direction is due to her keen determination that equestrian teachers must have very high levels of competence. A guest lecturer and instructor at the University of Connecticut she has taught equestrian forms to scores of new generation instructors.

For ten years, Mrs. Vita as an AHSA licensed judge, put her equestrian knowledge to work selecting the best riders in horse shows all over the northeast.

Her spirit and skill brought about the initiation of women’s polo at Shallowbrook in 1972.

Her favorite pastime is riding to the Hounds as First Whipper-in on her hunter, Kiska.

Little more can be said for a woman who has been part of a dream brought to reality through dedication and hard work. Through her close counseling of her own children and her generous coaching efforts to gain their own reputations and fame in the horse circles, Frankie Vita has become the well spring of the continuing dream.

If you ask Hal Vita where his energy comes from to continue to develop Shallowbrook, he will say, my family…then smiling…will say…especially Frankie.

After eighteen years of equestrian activities – teaching, coaching, lecturing and judging – she has now retired in 2001. Her new role at Shallowbrook is consultant.

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